VINICUNCA                                                                                                   wool, linen

TERRES NATUREL                                                                                          waxed cotton, jute, linen

 RELIANCE                                                                                                        wool, waxed cotton, linen

RELIANCE                                                                                                        wool, waxed cotton, linen

NIRMA                                                                                                            wool, waxed cotton, linen

LAHAK                                                                                                              linen, waxed cotton, bamboo silk, jute

DUNES                                                                                                            wool, jute, linen

CHO                                                                                                                wool, linen

PAKHA                                                                                                             linen, wool, cotton

UYUNI                                                                                                           waxed cotton, linen, jute

SAAGAR                                                                                                            jute, linen

OASIS                                                                                                                jute, linen

MASALA                                                                                                          linen, jute, wool

GOA                                                                                                                wool, linen

COLOMBO                                                                                                    wool, waxed cotton, linen

BENGALE                                                                                                          wax cotton, linen

BALAYU                                                                                                           wool, linen, cotton

ERRA                                                                                                                 linen, wool, cotton

SIRWA                                                                                                              linen, wool, cotton



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