Analisse Taft-Gersten believes that a fulfilled life is one best lived surrounded by beautiful designs. Her company, ALT for Living, is named after this very vision.

Traveling the world and experiencing far reaching cultures and colorful lifestyles, Analisse learned that beauty is found in the spirit and traditions in which a product is made. Thus, Analisse’s passion was born.

With a heightened appreciation for aesthetic, she returned to her native Los Angeles, CA home and immersed herself in the design industry. Feeling the need for a greater challenge, she relocated to New York City. In 2008, after a decade of gaining high-end retail and wholesale experience and a thorough understanding of the luxury brand market, Taft-Gersten took a bold leap and launched ALT for Living while businesses were closing their doors.

ALT for Living marks Taft’s successful vision and the evolution of the ALT brand. Looking onto the bustling streets of the Flower District, Taft-Gersten has translated her inspiration into fabrics, furniture, carpet and home accessories. In 2011, ALT for Living proudly launched its own debut fabric collection, “Living Vintage”.

Today, ALT for Living collaborates with the most prestigious firms in the design business, including clients Robert Couturier, David Easton, Victoria Hagan and Robert Stilin on high-end residences, hotels, yachts and corporate projects. ALT for Living is a testament of Taft’s eye for bespoke quality design and understanding of clients vision and expectations.