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Hopefully some of you have seen that during the past six months, ALT has truly been blessed with some incredible press! And now, where do we go from here? Being in the April 2014 Architectural Digest issue is a pivotal moment that I take pause and ask myself a lot of questions, in both my personal life and for the ALT brand. 

You see, I view AD as an untouchable. For as long as I can remember, this iconic publication has been the overarching leader in our industry. For most of us in this industry, we aspire to receive acknowledgement and recognition by the magazine, whether it's big or small. Honestly, even just one word of anything is something. So you can imagine the preparation involving this rare opportunity. After the confirmation and lots of organization, it was time to figure out what to wear! It was very important that the readers and the magazine took me and the ALT brand seriously, so I chose to tone down my familiar edgy (but hopefully always chic) style for a more conservative appeal. After shopping hours for a perfect fit, the dress by Akris was one of the few I could relate to that fell just above my knees instead of right below my rear! It actually closely resembled some of the hand-made textiles found in my showroom. It seemed to be the perfect choice; Margaret worthy!

Ready, set, shoot!

The day of the shoot was quite long, filled with flashing bulbs, reflectors, lipstick and most importantly coffee! These are the days that having a coffee bar in the showroom truly reaps its benefits. We ordered extras from our staple Ovenly and Layfeyette Bakeries to keep our tummies from turning against us throughout the day. Moving tons of furniture and pillows for the perfect angles, not to mention the 30th application of high-def powder seemed endless. And then, it was over. That’s a wrap.

Working with the AD team was an amazing and unforgettable experience. From soup to nuts they were so professional, fun, motivating and quite frankly to my surprise, easy! I would like to thank them all for this incredible experience. Thanks to Head & Hand and their efforts, a very special thank you to Melissa Feldman for capturing the true essence of ALT for Living in this beautifully written piece and of course Margaret Russell for taking the time to explore the unique story behind ALT.

The article was to come out a month later and I waited by the doorstep like a dog for its walk. Then, a day like any other day I walked into the office and found a copy on my desk with a hand-written note (hand-written note?) Yes, hand-written note from none other than Margaret Russell herself! Thanking me? And that was my moment joyfully thinking, "Now where do I go from here?" Well, hopefully this is just a beginning to go much further.

Pick up your issue now to read the full feature on page 60 or, click the link below: