Friday Favorite: Interior Designer Samuel Amoia Debuts as 'One to Watch' in Culture Magazine

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We've had the pleasure of working closely with one of New York City's most talented upcoming designers, Samuel Amoia.

As a dear friend to ALT for Living, we'd like you to check him out in the latest fall issue of Cultured Magazine which recognizes him as the 'One to Watch' star of 2013-2014. 

After working alongside Stephen Sills on various large-scale and high - end residential projects (many of which can be found in Sills newly published decoration book), Amoia has cultivated a successful roster of relationships with leading industry favorites like ALT for Living, making him an accomplished standout amongst the rising generation of interior designers and decorators. If you'd like to take a peek into what inspires the innovative concepts of this rising taste maker, follow him on Instagram.

L to R: Custom Rock Salt console bar; Color inspiration

A chair upholstered in ALT for Living's very own Rosemary Hallgarten 'Alpaca Boucle' fabric.

To view more of Samuel Amoia Associates work, click here. 

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Photos courtesy of Samuel Amoia Instagram account.