Terracota Daughters

Jason CurryComment

The Gender Imbalance Army

French artist Prune Nourry, daughter of our dear friend and PR rep Katharina Plath, represents the gender imbalance in China by adopting one of its most recognized heritage sites, the Terracota Warriors, and creating an army of 116 life-size Terracotta Daughters in her latest exhibition. 


Nourry began her project by hand sculpting the images of eight orphan girls whom she met at the nonprofit Children of Madaifu organization.  She then created a table of 108 combinations of features, based on these original eight girls, for the artisans of the factory to mold. 

In 2015, the Terracota Daughters will be placed in a “contemporary archaeological site” until 2030. Just like the thousands of Terracotta Warriors that remain buried, they are an army of the missing. The orphans left behind, the girls who have vanished, wait for the day they will be restored as a remainder of this growing gender imbalance.

New York is the only US stop for this international tour and is on display until October 4th at the China Institute space in Lower Manhattan. We are thrilled to see the work that Nourry has accomplished and highly suggest exploring this exhibition before they are sent back to China.