West Coast Greetings: LCDQ Legends 2014

Jason CurryComment

Ah... California

Who doesn't love to stretch their toes in the sand on the beach, spend entirely too long shopping on Rodeo Drive or sip your way through an endless number of wine tasting in Napa Valley? And yet last week there was another reason to visit the beautiful state of California…Legends 2014!

Legends, the largest design event on the West Coast, brings together top editors, designers and tastemakers for exhibitions, panel discussions, cocktail parties, and more over the course of 3 days. And last Wednesday morning (on a flight way too early to function) Analisse made her way to Los Angeles. 

First thing on the to-do list: a healthy California breakfast.

Mingling with Shawn Henderson, Julian Noran
and Roxanne Lapicca

Every year Legends fashions a theme for designers and showrooms to express in their shop windows and displays. The theme for this year was…drum-roll… 

Novel Interiors: 

Storytelling by Design

Of the many talented designers present at Legends this year, we were excited to see so many familiar faces we love. Our dear friend Shawn Henderson along with one of ALT’s favorite designers, Madeline Stuart, joined the fun at Legends this year and participated in a keynote panel discussion. The discussion examined “glamour” and the meaning and evolution of the word in some of today’s most prestigious interiors and enduring designs.  

Another brilliant designer we love, Malcolm Kutner, also lead a fascinating design crawl of the La Cienega Design Quarter and  revealed his insiders’ best kept secrets and hidden design talents. It was not one to miss!
Malcolm Kutner and CEO of Perrine Rousseau, 
Vincent Ragot

Dinner hosted by the Fortuny brothers,
 Mickey and Maury
Perrine Rousseau's new collection!

Meanwhile, Analisse was meeting and greeting at Harbinger’s Open House to introduce the Living Vintage Collection. We were thrilled to discover that one of the main showroom pieces was Harbinger’s beautiful Southern Belle sofa upholstered in ALT’s Living Vintage Billie fabric. We love the finished product!